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Granny's Timebox

About the Book

Granny's Timebox is an intriguing story that introduces children to the unsung Black icons of various time periods in a very whimsical and mystical way; while shedding light on old Southern culture. In this tale, two siblings are taken on a voyage to the deep South to see their grandmother. The visit at Granny's house quickly turns into an amazing historical journey as she uses her old black box to bring forth iconic figures of the past.

About the Author

Jasmin Watkins is an author and cultural enthusiast who has spent nearly 10 years cultivating socially impactful literary works. She uses her passion for writing and world culture to promote diversity and bring awareness to at-risk populations. As a children's book author, she looks forward to nurturing virtues of tolerance and integrity while sparking the vivid imagination of today's youth.

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Visual Ambiance of 'Granny's Timebox'

'Granny's Timebox' is a call to remembrance of an almost archaic subculture that exist within the Black identity. Outside of the inner city remains an old Southern culture tucked away in small towns that many people have never heard of. Here we will showcase the fabric of this forgotten culture along with the iconic figures featured in the book that contributed greatly to our society.


What They Say About Us.

  • I am in love with the cultural nuances in this book. It's so important to honor the great individuals who paved the way for us and this book teaches this in a profound way

    Author image
    Kennesha Higgins
  • Granny's Timebox is a legendary tale. Jasmin did a great job capturing southern culture while delivering an exciting story at the same time. I love it!

    Author image
    Sharon Mcintosh


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